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Health Insurance
You may plan & save for everything in life-your dream home, dream destination for your next holiday, new car, recently launched gadgets but, honestly, have you spared a thought for your health? Have you planned anything to protect you & your loved ones from ailments? Have you saved up enough for this contingency? This is where health insurance steps in. A document that ensures you have peace of mind, helps you focus on the other important aspects that demands your attention while taking care of all your financial needs.
Benefits of Health Insurance
Let's walk through as in why should you invest in a health policy:
  • With rising medical costs, expensive medicines and procedures, depending upon the illness, you will end up draining your savings to pay off these. If you have a policy, then these charges are taken care as per the terms of the document
  • Health insurance helps you and your family get the best services available. With many hospitals in a direct tie-up with insurance companies, you can avail cashless benefits of the policy wherein the amount is directly settled between the hospital & insurance provider
  • The premium that you pay towards the insurance policy, are eligible for tax deductions under section 80D of the Indian Income Tax
  • Also avail tax benefits under section 80DD for any premium paid of a dependent or disabled person
  • You and your family can get appropriate treatment in a timely manner